A tribute to Joe

I finished Joe’s patriotic quilt just in time for a surprise visit home over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Joe just completed basic training and will continue his service in VA.

Cross Stitch Quilt

This was amazing – 42 large blocks cross stitched by a Mom

gone but not forgotten.  The daughter brought the quilt top to me and I was happy to help finish this fine tribute to Mom.

A quilt for my new sister

In September my (4) sisters and I found out we have another sister!  I made this fall lap quilt and gave it to my new sister 

at our first meeting.  Life is truly full of wonderful surprises!

A quilt for me!

Actually, the quilt is a gift for my hubby, who has been so patient.  I have been piecing/quilting  for the last 15 years

and this is the first quilt actually for him!  It’s a beauty too!

Whole Cloth Quilt

After many months of contemplation, I purchased a whole cloth pattern set.   Here are pictures of it draped over my bed.  It took me 13 hours and 17 M size bobbins to complete the queen size quilt.  I love the look!!!  Now I am ready to do it again!!


Latest Creation

Deanna custom quilted this quilt for one of her clients.  This quilt was pieced by a group of quilters with the intent of auctioning the quilt.  Deanna quilted this one on her Long Arm Quilting machine, she used a sawtooth feather pattern published by Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio and as you can see the main block pattern as well as the rest of the quilt looks awesome.     This quilt will no doubt be cherished for decades to come.



Andrew’s quilt completed

Deanna finished Andrew’s quilt last week and it looks awesome and he is lovin’ it. Take a look!



Andrew’s Quilt

Deanna has been working on a quilt for our son Andrew, it is made up of two different blocks, a 9  patch block and a cake stand block.   The fabrics are Batiks.  Below you can see Deanna working with Creative Studio which is the software the controls the computer guilded quilting machine. 

Neat stuff!



Compression Quilt Hangers

Just finished up a few compression quilt hangers that I will probably try to sell on the company web site shop.appoquinquilting.com and on ebay.  The hangers pictures can hold a quilt up to 36″ in length, the top ledge is 38″ or so in length.   They are made of solid oak and have a natural satin finish.   There are three screws on the back that provide the clamping action and two eye slots to attach the hanger to the wall.