A tribute to Joe

I finished Joe’s patriotic quilt just in time for a surprise visit home over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Joe just completed basic training and will continue his service in VA.

Cross Stitch Quilt

This was amazing – 42 large blocks cross stitched by a Mom

gone but not forgotten.  The daughter brought the quilt top to me and I was happy to help finish this fine tribute to Mom.

A quilt for my new sister

In September my (4) sisters and I found out we have another sister!  I made this fall lap quilt and gave it to my new sister 

at our first meeting.  Life is truly full of wonderful surprises!

A quilt for me!

Actually, the quilt is a gift for my hubby, who has been so patient.  I have been piecing/quilting  for the last 15 years

and this is the first quilt actually for him!  It’s a beauty too!

Whole Cloth Quilt

After many months of contemplation, I purchased a whole cloth pattern set.   Here are pictures of it draped over my bed.  It took me 13 hours and 17 M size bobbins to complete the queen size quilt.  I love the look!!!  Now I am ready to do it again!!