Quilt Hangers

Hi, this is Scott; I am having trouble motivating Deanna to write her own posts, like any good quilter, she is more interested in quilting than writing about quilting.    No matter, today I wanted to show you a few of my own projects, quilting related of course.   I am a part time woodworker and have a few quilt hanger designs that we have mounted around the house.  In Deanna’s quilting studio, I have a few that I made last year.  I kind of favor the type that of quilt hanger that sandwiches the quilt ever so gently between two pieces of wood.  I prefer to use hardwood lumber for my projects since they are generally straighter pieces of wood and machine nicer.   As for finishes, I like to keep the end product as close to it’s natural shade as possible.   I use urethane with a satin finish whenever possible.   I figure, if you want a piece with a Maple finish, build it with Maple and not out of Pine and stain it to look like Maple.  

I digress, below are two examples of quilting hangers, the one with the knobs is made from Pine.  The knobs are functional as they are used to clamp the two pieces of wood together to gently hold the quilt in place.   There is a groove in the front piece to help hold the quilt in place.  This style is easy to mount as you can just screw thru the back piece directly into studs or use molly bolts.  The stars on either side were purchased at Lowes and just glued in place before finishing.   The second hanger is made from Oak, my favorite wood to work with.  It has screws in the back which performs the clamping function.  This one is nice because there are no visible mounting or clamping hardware, just nice clean lines.  Mounting for this one is a bit more difficult.  To mount, you need to set two screws or molly bolts into the wall a certain distance apart.  On the back of the hanger are two key holes which accept the wall mounted screws.   This style is more difficult to mount, but more visually appealing in the long run. 

I am working on two new designs, one uses dowels between two vertical mounting brackets topped with a shelf for quilts that have a horizontal pocket and a second type that I call an Apple Picking ladder.  Essentially a ladder that is wider at the bottom than at the top with wooden dowels for rungs.   The idea is to rest it against a wall and drape your quilts over each rung. 

I will eventually start selling these on shop.appoquinquilting.com, in the meantime, email me if you would be interested in have me build one for you.   Email me at scott@appoquinquilting.com.




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