Quilting as an obsession

Hi, this Scott, Deanna’s husband.   I am always trying to find cool new ways to promote my wife, Deanna’s business, Appoquinimink Quilting.   Appoquinimink Quilting is primarily  long arm quilting business that has been in business since 2007.   Long Arm quilting refers to the machine that is used to stitch a pattern using thread which bonds the three main pieces of a quilt together.   I will follow-up with exactly what these three pieces are and how exactly they are quilted together using this long arm quilting machine in later posts.   So, back to my original point, the cool new way to promote Deanna’s business is this blog.    I plan on contributing to the blog as much as I can and hopefully Deanna will see the value and take it over.   In the beginning you will get view point of the husband of a quilter and not that of a quilter.   As many of you may be aware, quilting is an obsession for some folks and a hobby for others.   Quilting, I can tell you is an obsession for Deanna.  She began piecing quilt tops and quilting back in 1995 when we first moved back to Delaware from Maryland.   She loves quilting so much, she branched out into a business.   The thing I like/love about quilts is that it is a craft that is actually useful.   Sorry if I offended anyone, but, like I said earlier, this is the view of the husband of a quilter.  I respect the abilities of those who can make crafts, it is just that some crafts are more useful than others as seen thru the eyes of a male.